You will find our prices very  competitive and comparable to Hotel stay, without the taxes, noise, hallways, and long distances from parking.  Prices vary according to location, size, amenities, and length of stay.














We work to accommodate your specific budget, so the prices will be discuss with you at the time of your inquiry.

  • Option 1

    Most 1 bedroom, 1 bath accommodations are around 750-900 square feet of living space.

  • Option 2

    2 bedroom, 1 bath accommodations are around 900-1100 square feet.

  • Option 3

     2 bedroom , 2 bath accommodations are 1100-1300square feet.

  • Option 4

     3 bedroom, 2 bath accommodations are 1300-1500 square feet.


Minimum Stay

Ordinarily, the minimum is 30 days, however, shorter stays are sometimes available, and certainly worth

an inquiry.


There are no deposits required, however, each reservation must be confirmed with a credit card.  We do charge a final clean fee, which will be discussed with you at the time of confirmation.


You must pay for the first 30 days before you move in.  If your stay is less than 30 days we will discuss the taxes with you.  We will invoice if you desire, however, payment must be made in advance, and can be done by check, credit card, money order or cashiers check.  We consolidate bills for companies


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